Sleep is a major event of our daily lives. Its quality constitutes a critical indicator of people’s health conditions, both mentally and physically. Existing sleep monitoring systems either are obstructive to use or fail to provide adequate coverage. To overcome these shortages, we propose Sleepy, an adaptive and noninvasive sleep monitoring system leveraging channel response in t commercial WiFi devices. Sleepy needs no calibrations or target-dependent training to recognize posture changes during sleep. To achieve that, a Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) based foreground extraction method has been designed to adaptively distinguish motions like rollovers (foreground) from background (stationary postures). We prototype Sleepy and evaluate it in two real environments. In the short-term controlled experiments, Sleepy achieves 95% detection accuracy and 5.8% false negative rate. In the 60-minute real case studies, Sleepy demonstrates strong stability. Considering that Sleepy is compatible with existing WiFi infrastructure, it constitutes a low-cost yet promising solution for sleep monitoring.


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